Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Chess is the apex of meaningful play for all the right reasons. It first creates new roles, and characteristics for inert three-dimensional figures. Inside the magic circle Chess ignites new modes of thought and creates uncanny situations of perception and suspense. The actions and decisions taken part in chess are both discernable, for example gaining the immediate advantage by capturing a key piece, or getting your opponents king in check. Yet, what separates chess from almost all other games is that every single move is an integrated part within the big picture of the game. There is absolutely no luck in chess, so that players have complete control over all the actions on the board. Few games can even compare to the amount of skill, and strategy required being a competitive chess player. It is arguable that Black has a greater chance to fail then White, yet the predictability of chess is extremely complicated, and elusive. The confined movements and numbers of the pieces will always be equal for both players, requiring only an advancement in thought process and technique, which I think is the root of Meaningful play.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

the foundation for crazyness

There are two different games I am contemplating designing.
The first one will be created on a computer, and will be played over the over the internet. I will collaborate with Calvin on this project.
-It would be amazing to be able to design, and create a massively multiplayer on line game, but I don't think it is practical, so it seems like the game will be solo player
-The game will be played on a computer, but the actual game will take place in real life locations such as SFAI, and we will hopefully also be able to integrate people, who may not be aware of it, into the game.
-The game will be a persistent type game, with a slow paced, methodical build up, I envision something like the adventure game that ender play's in the book “Enders game.”
The other game I would like to design is a social, community based game
-The game will be best played with a small, to medium sized group of friends maybe 5-15 people
-I don't want the game to be site specific, I like the idea of being able to play it anywhere you can sit in a circle. However, it would still be possible to integrate any environment into the game
-The game will not have a specific time limit, but hopefully will be designed to last roughly twenty minutes, or the player decide to end it.