Sunday, September 26, 2004

Parking my rainbow garage

The rules of parking my rainbow garage
-everyone is split into teams of three
-the object is to find object that much the color of the parking garage
-the level of the parking garage determines how many object you must find
for example third level-blue, you would have to find three blue objects
-you mark a found object with a piece of chalk
-once an object has been marked it cannot be used again by another team
-the objects marked must be found within the parking garage (you cant bring in outside colors)
-teams cannot advance to another level until they have found all specified objects
-the first team to find all colors on all levels wins
-the team that looses is humiliated and dishonored
-you automatically loose if a team member is hit by a car
this game is about consumerism , and greed

Sunday, September 19, 2004

call of my brain

i have spent time..too much time...playing this computer game called call of duty, it's this world war 2 first person shooter game that you can play online. while playing i can feel my brain cells slowly popping and deteriorating, and after a while of crazy violence my head feels like its been pounded with an aluminum bat, but i love it. while playing a long session of call of duty online i read some "gamers" chatting about whether all democrats are "faggits," or only most of them, and i was reminded of certain personal stigma ; i hate 90 percent of the people who play these type of games. this is disturbing to me for the obvious social implications, and also forces me to question the artistic potential of digital games. overall call of duty is fun, but in a trashy mirror on the ceiling kind of way.

exquisite corpses

this week me, and several friends collaborated on exquisite corpse drawing. i love doing them, the results are always surprising and usually really funny. When everyone's drawings are fluently integrated the image becomes almost a college of style and personality. this was also the first time i have done exquisite corpse drawings where there wasn't a specific head-body-legs structure, and basically everyone did whatever the hell they wanted. but i think they turned out bomb.......keepin it real.....

Monday, September 13, 2004


i am taking this class because i am very interested in the genre of video games, and how it can, and is affecting the art world. I am also looking forward to social and community based games. I hope to create an old school side scroller video game using my artistic process and design.
some of my favorite games are truth or dare, detective, asshole (greatest drinkin game ever), chess, texas hold em, and video games like counter strike, doom3 and thrill kill. i enjoy games that are either thought provoking, revealing, or violent.
my goal as an artist is to be able to work, and survive.
I am currently exploring comic book narratives, i am also really into hoggarth plates, and rob veorman. My artistic process utilizes a drawing approach to line, and expression. I have been using acrylic ink, and colored pencils to create fleshy forms, and a greater sense of energetic movement. I am also begging to explore ancient coat of arms, and family symbols, and am looking foreword to how it will function as subject matter, in conjunction with my already developed comic narrative. I try to explore, and mix many different styles, techniques, and mediums into my work. I visualize of david lynch/ franz kafka noir old school detective game....