Friday, November 12, 2004

Jay's human robotron

Jay's human robotron is based on a lucary attitude system of actual play. There is lots of running, hopping, jumping, and best of all shooting. It is energizing, abrasive, wild, and if your the one shooting it almost reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead, the feeling can only be described as "wicked awesome."
Jay's prototype lacked some structure, but I thought it was very innovative to play it on the checkered floor of the school roof. But does that make the game to site specific? It involves little strategy, but the game is unlimitedly customizable. For example, there could be a more role playing attribute where everyone has to dress like robots, or wear skin tight dresses. I think the rules were expressed fairly well, and I don't think that they have to be extremely stead fast. But I do think there has to be a robot chant, or robot music to allow the robots to move in unison, may I suggest "we are the robots," a Kraftwerk original. So I would give the rules an 8 out of 10...I thought the game was a blast...Literally.


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