Friday, November 12, 2004

Grey's Frisco Wars

I will be writing on Grey's game entitled, “Frisco Wars.” I was immediately intrigued by the unique design of the board game platform, which is reminiscent of risk. The game requires a lot of thought, and planning, but also encourages communication between players. On one level this game provokes strategic, turn based decision making, and at the same time I found it humorous, and social.
For the most part I found that Grey's prototype was very structured, but lacked some definitive detail. As I watched others play test his game, I hoped that in the final version of his game, he would be able to not rely so heavily on the “risk” type board-game engine. I remember there being slight inequalities of resources, (when the cards were handed out randomly.) As it stands the game has essentially the strategic, and competitive properties of a generic war based board game, but what makes it fun is the creative customization of the map, the player's movement, as well as the battling cards.
The rules were expressed so well, it was as if there was an explosion.. In the brain 10!
I think there is strategy in the game, but is not yet fully developed. You must be strategic in the way you handle the troops, and take over bus routes. I think that there are still many unexplored possibilities for deeper strategic play. I didn't really see any emergent play developing, but I think that the way players conversed, especially during battles was unexpected. Perhaps, in the final version of the game Grey should encourage the same type of role-playing within the entire structure of the game. One possible route would be distinctive teams, which all had different characteristics, or emergent characteristics (boosting stats as an idea.) I would like to see a method of currency develop in the game, which would complicate strategic positioning of troops. I think having police would be a good idea to maybe limit players weapons, son for example if a player has to many guns, the fuzz goes after him. I think overall it's an awesome idea for a game, and I am really excited about playing the final project.


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