Sunday, November 28, 2004

Final Game Progress

We (Calvin and I) have been spending a lot of time on the initial development of the game. We have been learning, and understanding the intricacies of the program, and are finding new ways to utilize our new knowledge in the gaming experience. Today we have taken digital pictures of the locations, and scenes that will form the environment of the game. We are going to create the whole structure of the game first, and then build it up gradually as a whole, opposed to finishing a single location one at a time. As well as working on the demanding technical aspects of the game, we have also been working and restructuring the story and narrative of the game in order to establish meaningful play. My definition of meaningful play is the satisfaction, and self fulfillment I get during and after play. I think we can create this without the need of competitive scoring, or intense losing scenarios. The reconstruction of the story is focused on creating an emotional, personal connection with the characters, or situation of the game, and at the same time making it more challenging to reach the final end game scenario. We are planning to do this- with help of Grey's valuable input- by adding many more arbitrary objects, and developing the characters in the game, and how they function with the resource of information. We are also working to create more meaningful decisions for the player to make; which could function in early end game scenarios, and different character reactions. Soon we will be focused on the extremely labor intensive development of creating rooms, objects, interactions, character responses, animated cut scenes-and things of that technical nature........AAAAAHHHHHH


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