Sunday, November 28, 2004

Final game progress

So far we (Calvin and I) have been spending a lot of time learning about, and understanding the intricacies of the program. We have also taken digital pictures of the locations, and perimeter of the game. We think the bast development strategy is to create the fundamental structure, and build the game up gradually as a whole, as opposed to finishing the rooms one by one. The other area which we are directing our efforts has been the development of a story- and meaningful play. Perhaps meaningful play, -or at least the way I define my meaningful play- has to do with a sense of fulfillment, or satisfaction upon completion of a game. That is why I feel it would be inappropriate to make it competitive or intense, and instead focus on attributes of the game which will allow players to become more emotionally involved with the character, and the situations. We have also been working with intertwining, meaningful decisions, and different ways to end the game. We already have many ideas which will not be that hard to implement when we have the game more developed. With help from Grey input we are also working on making getting through the game more difficult, and less obvious to complete.- this also includes more developed character who actually misguide you, which could result in ending the game early, or taking the wrong item.


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